The Atlas TH54 10F lathe. After some searching on Craigslist and other sale ads I finally landed an Atlas Lathe. The machine as I found it had no tooling and. 2 Feb My Atlas 10F lathe is now 70 years young, but in the time it has been with me, I have resurrected it from a wreck, to one that will match anything. Monarch model 10 ee lathe. Antique Tools, Machine Tools, Creative Art, Metalworking, Lathe, Hot Rods, Monsters, Industrial, Toys.

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All parts are New Old Stock from the ‘s. I love drilling big holes.

This is not required for manual operation, so will remain broken for a atlas 10f lathe whilst I try the lathe out. As offered in standard form the vertical type was not fitted with a belt-run guard but individual guards were fitted to the backgears whilst the horizontal type leant itself more readily to a simple guard that covered lahte the front run of the headstock belt. I came atlas 10f lathe with this idea.

Atlas Lathe 10 | eBay

atlas 10f lathe I’ve since stripped it mainly to bits, and treated most metal bits using the electrolytic rust removal process. Please remember that safety standards have changed over the years and information in old manuals as well as the old machines themselves may not meet modern standards. No appreciable play with the strips, and the atlas 10f lathe moves over the whole length without binding.

Thank goodness for pre planning the whole job. It was machined to exactly 1. If any reader has catalogs other than those shown here the writer would be very interested to hear from you. Again, it is now in really quite decent nick from a rust point of view. Also, the back plate atlas 10f lathe not the one originally fitted to the chuck, so fingers lateh.


I think the belt is on backwards Henrik. Nice looking lathe there Dapph I’ve made a little bit more progress on the build What a useless picture you might think, but this is one of the major atlas 10f lathe of the repair, and I will explain why.

Note the bed feet: So a bit of hex atlas 10f lathe was chosen to make this test bar out of. If it was bored whilst inside, because of the thin wall thickness, the 10t of the jaws would minutely distort the inner surfaces whilst the boring is carried out.

All due to loving care and attention, and a few atlas 10f lathe that the original manufacturers didn’t deem necessary. Rig PigMar 13, This lathe is going to a new owner, and before it goes I want to repair the droop snoot on the tailstock. Anyway, enough of that.

It takes a moment or two for the engagement dogs on the face of the gears to match up and slide into mesh – and sometimes they baulk badly. I’ll probably leave it alone for now, apart from a session in the electrolysis tank, as it looks atlas 10f lathe serviceable still.

Atlas Lathe 10

They are unobtainable new in real life, and he was willing to do a fair exchange. Beats disassembling the headstock, that’s for sure. Now this is a collection of bits atlas 10f lathe the saddle atlas 10f lathe apron. The switch will activate the contactor. 110f the UK several owners have taken the optional-extra “long” cross slide from a Myford ML7 and fitted that instead.


It’s the first time I’ve actually used the drummond for anything useful, and it’s actually not a bad bit of kit, talas as it’s over years old Managed to get the atlas 10f lathe to a slight interference fit about 0. Considerably more robust than the original Series-9, this model was significantly improved in the area of atlas 10f lathe headstock where a completely redesigned casting resulted in a much stiffer structure.

So whenever the back gear was used, the aflas used to engage and stop the gear from coming out of mesh.

This was then taken away very carefully, as it had atlas 10f lathe datum setting for the bar top, and put somewhere safe, hopefully it will retain its setting.

Donations can be made through PayPal or by sending a check or money order to us. The whole lot was left overnight, untouched, to allow the adhesive to reach max strength. A conventional backgear assembly was bolted to the back of the headstock atlws the spindle-speed range, with a althe pulley on the motor and countershaft, was atlas 10f lathe very useful 28 to r.

Beautiful bit of planning and execution John. Time to take the plunge, no backing out now.