Carrom is an interesting game similar to Billiards or Table Shuffleboard. If you’d rather not do a coin flip, you can follow rules of other board games, such as. 10 Dec It is essential to know the international rules and regulations if you wish to will give you more information on rules of the carrom board game. Games of Carrom and Crokinole are described in the rules as being played by The Game: Mix 12 red and green rings in the center of the board and place the.

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JB Jean Byce Rulles 16, You have to keep your mind cool despite making a foul or missing a piece. Other play-area sizes are not used in tournaments and competitions.

The first player to reach 29 points wins the game. These are all made at our workshop in London. Tongue Twisters for Kids.

Familiarize yourself with the symbols on the board. Carro you want to shoot backwards then you can use your thumb to filck. The red piece is called the queen, and it can be pocketed any time you carrom board rules in after sinking your first piece the queen’s function is similar to the black 8 ball in Billiards.

Carrom Rules – Carrom

You can shoot your striker again, and can continue to shoot your striker until you fail to pocket carrom board rules in piece. If you pocket your final piece carrrom the queen has been pocketed, both the piece you pocketed and the penalty piece are returned to the board.


The game of Carrom Carrom originated in India several centuries ago and is now very popular in the UK.

This side of the board, perhaps inspired by miniature golffeatures carrom board rules in maze in the form of small plywood walls that restrict the carrom man to defined paths; the objective is to traverse the maze with a single carrom man and reach the end of the maze the carrom board rules in number of strokes, or to be the first to finish the voard among competitors. Swimming Pool Games for Kids.

Carrom Rules

The Hikone carrom board has larger pockets not unlike those of pichenottethe discs are arranged in a carro, also like in pichenotteeach player is given twelve discs instead of nine, and the queen known as the “jack” is pocketed last similar to Eight-ball or Black ball.

The striker may not touch the diagonal arrow line. Things to do at a Bonfire. You cannot move or leave your chair when using the striker, and you have to hit the striker from within the rectangular boundary on your end of the board.

Not Helpful 9 Helpful Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Only the players’ wrist is allowed to touch the carrom board and not any other part of the body or hand.

Carrom board rules in, wikiHow team, for carrom board rules in up the best information.

When you play, use your striker piece to hit your other pieces into the game board pockets by flicking it. You will only receive one additional turn.

Carron powder is used on the board to enable the pieces to slide easily. Any player pocketing the queen is required to cover it by immediately pocketing one of their carrom men on the entitlement shot. However, instead of pool cues, you use your fingers and a striker. carrom board rules in

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Various carrom board rules in of the maze include difficult-to-navigate corners and traps in the form of visually distinguished areas in which the player’s carrom piece must not be caught when coming to rest or suffer a penalty of extra strokes or forced relocation of the player’s carrom to an earlier position. A player can strike with the striker cartom his index, middle finger or by both these fingers of either of his two hands. It is best to decide this before you begin playing.

How to Play Carrom for Beginners: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

The thumb can be used for backward carrom board rules in or the player can make use of rebound shots to strike the pieces touching the player’s baseline. A player committing a foul must return one carrom man that was already pocketed. The board and pieces can be bought in Europe or the US and are usually imported from India. Am looking out to acquire all appropriate equipment carrom board rules in this game.

No part of your body, except your hand, may cross the imaginary diagonal line nor may your elbow protrude over the frame in front of you.