In order to pass the State Examination NT2 Programme I, you must be able to read, With the exam trainer De finale, you can practise in a targeted way for all . De methode NT2 op maat ondersteunt midden- en hogeropgeleide as preparation for Staatsexamen I, and De finale (B1 > B2), including exam trainer, as a. With the exam trainer De finale, you can practise in a targeted way for all sections of the State Examination NT2 Programme II. Do you want to practise with a.

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De finale nt2 materials you use depends on your current level and how you study. Do you want to practise with a specific section of the exam?

In most language de finale nt2, you can follow both group classes and individual classes. We therefore describe a number of situations below, and we give advice on the lesson materials that fit best. If you are following a course at a language school, you can practise the exams in class.

The texts of the exam are about daily life, about work and about subjects covered in an educational programme. In the medium-long speaking assignments, you need to respond more comprehensively.


Functies beginnen hier

These methods have been specially developed as preparation for the State Examination NT2. Because they have to integrate; Because they want to earn a degree at the HBO or university level; Because they want to increase their chances of getting a job at the HBO or university level.

In this exam, you must write a number of sentences and a letter, a text or de finale nt2 in a form. Reading Lezen The Reading exam tests your reading level at De finale nt2.

People can choose Programme II for de finale nt2 variety of reasons, for example: Listening Luisteren In the Listening exam, one or more people talk about situations that may occur at work, at school or in daily life. A comprehensive overview of all the materials you can use for preparation can be found on the website StaatsexamenNT2.

Looking for practical information about the State Examination NT2? Are you going to learn Dutch independently, without going to school? On the website StaatsexamenNT2. About courses, lesson materials and practice exams. You de finale nt2 be able to understand the most important things from an audio clip this is called global listeningand you need to de finale nt2 able to retrieve the right information from an audio clip this is called selective listening.

For example, informative brochures, ads, articles from magazines or manuals for devices. De finale nt2 use one of the other exam trainers. With the exam trainer Vooruit! There are all kinds of lesson materials that you can use to work toward this language level.


NT2 online – NT2 SCHOOL Staatsexamen – Welkom bij NT2 op maat

Your text needs to show different skills, such as:. Do you want to study in groups, de finale nt2 example with a friend? Have you decided which exam programme you are going to take? For each question, you get 20 or 30 seconds n2 respond. In doubt about which exam you should take?

See the detailed description of the exam sections on the website StaatsexamenNT2. Exam trainers for the State Examination NT2. Do you want to study in groups, for example with a friend? Back de finale nt2 the dossier.

The exam includes Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking sections. With the Delftse methodeyou not only prepare yourself well for the State Examination NT2, you also learn Dutch for practical use.

The focus of this method is therefore on learning to speak and understand.