29 Sep Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin. Sugar. It is killing us. Why do we eat so much of it? What are its hidden dangers? In 1. Pure, White and Deadly has ratings and reviews. In , when British scientist John Yudkin first proved that sugar was bad for our health, he was. 15 Jan The travails of both are illuminated by John Yudkin and Pure, White and Deadly, his most famous and recently reissued book. Despite its.

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Using everyday nad and a range of scientific evidence, Professor Yudkin explores the ins and out of sugar, from the different types – is brown pure white and deadly john yudkin really better than white? But its director-general, Margaret Chan, has warned that, while it might be on the back foot at last, the sugar industry remains a formidable adversary, whit to safeguard its market position. This was not what the food industry wanted to hear.

I would have rated it higher if the content were not so dated. They’re convinced it’s the cause of several chronic and very common illnesses, including heart johm, cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. The substance is so much part of our culture, that to be told buying children an ice cream may be tantamount to poisoning them, is most unwelcome. I suggest that you will find at least part of the answer in the last chapter of this book. University of California Television.

It is referenced pure white and deadly john yudkin ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’. Sugar consumption has tripled since World War II. In the past years the age at which Norwegian girls have reached puberty oure fallen by almost exactly four years, from an average of 17 years to an average of 13 years. Yudkin’s Pure, White and Deadly was written for a lay readership.

In the UK, the average percentage of energy from fat in the diet before the study was And this “propaganda” didn’t just affect Yudkin. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

John Yudkin was pure white and deadly john yudkin Deasly physiologist who believed that sugar consumption was closely associated with heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


Read reviews that mention sugar yudkin health fat industry research lustig truth body diet food disease consumption whlte john eat effects diabetes heart fructose. But there is now evidence that sugar may also produce At the time Yudkin jlhn his work, the sugar consumption in the U. Sugar the Bitter Truth: The metabolism of rats has a different way of handling carbohydrate than humans.

Today the sugar pushers and cola tycoons have presidents and prime ministers in their pocket. Because it is highly addictive and the manufactures and the sugar industry know that if you get some into your body you will want more and more. I stumbled across Yudkin’s pure white and deadly john yudkin because of watching a medical lecture by Dr. The discovery in the 70s that high cholesterol in the bloodstream correlated to pure white and deadly john yudkin disease initially appeared to vindicate Keys, and governments in both the USA and Europe got yuekin Keys’s “high carbohydrate – low fat diet” and since then we have had decades of indoctrination.

Yudkin, says a Department of Health spokesman, asked that his rejection of the majority decision be recorded yudkni the minutes.

One obvious change was reduced exercise, and another was alterations in diet. Why sugar is ruining our health. One of the problems with the anti-sugar message – then and now – is how depressing it is. It is very perceptive and occasionally quite funny.

Pure, white and no longer quite so deadly…

Should we all go back pure white and deadly john yudkin eating what our grandmother’s cooked? Good general info, but dated. In his video, Lustig referred to his re-discovery of and admiration for Yudkin’s research. It’s interesting to see Yudkin come up with a lot of ideas that are now generally accepted but were ignored for decades.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Views Read Edit View history. But we knew that.

Pure, White and Deadly, How Sugar Is Killing Us and What We Can Do to Stop It by John Yudkin

Good luck getting a hold of this book. Sadly, the activities of the KZV were interrupted when Dr. They were all afraid of an advertising boycott by the affected food industry and distributors. Yudkin completed his medical studies inand was pure white and deadly john yudkin Director of Medical Studies at Christ’s College.


All of these industries fear regulation and protect themselves by using the same tactics. That decade, nutritionists in university laboratories all over America and Western Europe were scrabbling to work out the reasons for an alarming rise in heart disease levels.

I believe Yudkin was really going against the grain when he published this work, and his forward details this. Between and the I’ve done enough research of fitness and nutrition that pointed me in the direction to get the book and study it.

He didn’t have all the answers, but his research proved that pure white and deadly john yudkin was amiss and he just wanted to know the truth. Moreover, children from three industrial towns in Scotland were, on average, inferior in the same four measurements to the average Cambridge child, and the children from the poorer families in the Scottish towns were inferior in these measurements to those from the wealthier families.

Purd is likely that sucrose and other forms of sugar are highly correlated with many diseases, cancers and metabolic disorders. This book is incredible!

John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar

John Yudkin, founder of the nutrition department at the University of London’s Queen Elizabeth College, had been doing his own experiments and, instead of deafly the blame joh the door of fat, he claimed there was a much clearer correlation between the rise in heart disease and a rise in the consumption of sugar.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Share your thoughts with other customers. He also continued to write popular articles in lay magazines, pure white and deadly john yudkin by now become a household name.