3 Sep Rehras Sahib – English Translation and Transliteration – Rsymedia is not responsible for third party website content. The recitation of. 30 May Bhai Sahib Sant Kuljit Singh – He greatly helped to update Gurbani and its roman in the Gurmukhi-English, Transliteration of “Jappu ji Sahib. Rehras Sahib – English Translation and Transliteration: Sikhism: Nitnem – Ebook written by God. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC.

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The servants of the Lord have the greatest good fortune; they have faith in the Lord, and a longing for the Lord. He is, rehras sahib english translation shall always be. All living beings are Yours-You are the Giver of all souls.

The flamingoes fly hundreds of miles, leaving their young ones behind. The spiritual teachers, the teachers of meditation, and the teachers of teachers kahan na jaa-ee tayree til vadi-aa-ee. Raag Goojaree, Fifth Mehl: Your Praises are overflowing with Your Treasures.

He shall not depart, even when this Universe which He has created departs. Make every effort to cross over this terrifying world-ocean. All Truth, all rehras sahib english translation discipline, all goodness.

Raag Goojaree, Fourth Mehl: The brave and mighty warriors sing of You. Englixh to describe rehras sahib english translation an iota of the Greatness of the Transllation Name, aakh thakay keemat nahee paa-ee.


But just how Great His Greatness is-this is known only to those who have seen Him. Age after age, You are the One.

Those who meditate on the Fearless One, rehras sahib english translation the Fearless Lord-all their fears are dispelled. There are so many Ragas and musical harmonies to You; so many minstrels sing hymns of You. I trsnslation not served the Holy; I have not acknowledged the Lord, my King.

>”Rehraas Saahib” English Translation

The celestial jewels rehras sahib english translation by You, and the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage, sing of You. The Pandits, the religious scholars who recite the Vedas, with the supreme sages of all the ages, sing of You.

The worlds, solar systems and galaxies, created and arranged by Your Hand, sing of You. You are the River of Life; all are within You. The celibates, the fanatics, and the peacefully accepting sing of You; the fearless warriors sing of You. He continues to give, and His Provisions never run short. His Value cannot be estimated; He cannot be described.

Rehras sahib english translation required Address never made public. The Lord is Inaccessible, Unreachable and Unrivalled. All the appraisers met and made the appraisal. I was born foolish and ignorant into this world. sahub

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Those who meditate on You, Lord, those who meditate on You-those humble beings dwell in peace in this world. O Nanak, how can I think of them all? Forever and ever, You are the One. There is no one except You.


It is so difficult to chant the True Name. I have not practiced meditation, self-discipline, self-restraint or righteous living.

All living beings are Your playthings. I offer my humble prayer to You, O Guru. Servant Nanak is a sacrifice to them. In your mind, you rshras not remember the One Lord-you fool!

They alone sing of You, who are pleasing to Your Will. Notify me of new comments via email. Rehras sahib english translation, unto whom You give-how can they think of any other?

What Virtues of Yours can I speak of and describe? Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Even if everyone were to gather together and speak of Him, rehras sahib english translation na hovai ghaat na jaa-ay.

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Rehras sahib in english

As You give, so do we receive. If someone feels hunger for the True Name, ut bhookhai khaa-ay chalee-ahi dookh.

You are squandering this life uselessly in the love of Maya. Raag Aasaa, First Mehl: O Dear Lord, you are the One.