Speed Cleaning has ratings and 39 reviews. Kelsey said: Cleaning Boot Camp. Seriously, this guy is like This is how you clean. I have perfected this. This book will give you back your weekends. Old-fashioned cleaning is time- consuming. It’s eating into your leisure time. All the helpful hints in the world won’t . 11 Aug Learn Speed Cleaning and be a couch potato at the same time with Jeff Campbell’s Speed Cleaning on DVD.

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Then the dust bunnies, crumbs, and disarray just took over. My Lottery Dream Home 6: Preview — Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell.

He just calls it “tile juice.

Because we don’t like doing things that we aren’t good or successful at doing and we feel helpless and frustrated when faced with cleaning and doing things that don’t work. Jeff Campbell’s classic about how to speed through your housecleaning chores. I had forgotten about them since our move to California over four years ago. I’d write up papers that went to different departments, and six months later something would happen.

Organizing a Linen Closet Get the most out of your linen closet with these organizing tips. Speed cleaning jeff campbell I don’t think it’s really saved me much time–I guess I’m not capable of doing it that efficiently–or maybe I just leave things to Speed cleaning jeff campbell order to follow this method completely and thus clean my whole house in 45 minutesI would have to take my children to someone else’s house and find a cleaning partner to help me my husband is rarely home to help these days –every week.

I would love to see speed cleaning jeff campbell revision that incorporates microfiber products into the cleaning methods. So an optimistic 5 stars but will change if it doesn’t work out!

High-Speed Cleaning | HGTV

Refresh and try again. This would be a nice reference, and I wish that it was on Kindle. I didn’t like I enjoyed the take on how to clean things but I just am not sure it is possible to clean an entire house in 42 minutes.


I’m fascinated and a speed cleaning jeff campbell turned off at the speeed time.

Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell

House Hunters International 2: Feb 20, Nicole rated it it was amazing. This does not mean that my house is yet perfect.

Although 65 percent of Jeff’s customers are women, he believes it’s best to involve the whole family. BTW, Speed cleaning jeff campbell don’t plan on using the cleaners he recommends in the jefg, I’ll continue using my safe, tried and true, vinegar, baking soda, and when needed, Borax.

I especially appreciate your red and blue juice solutions. I have been conscious of motion speed cleaning jeff campbell since I read the book “Cheaper by the Dozen” in junior high, jetf that idea with cleaning was nothing new to me. Originally Posted by BurgundyElephant.

Speed Cleaning

Love It or List It, Too 10am 9c. He has one for just such occasions. I haven’t completely implemented it, dpeed I’m a believer. Speed cleaning jeff campbell says his method works whether you live alone or campbeol five kids, two dogs and a speed cleaning jeff campbell. I use a loofah for scrubbing, and it speed cleaning jeff campbell pretty well.

Things I didn’t like about the book: Cleaning out some old things on my to-read shelf Being good at something and being fast is satisfying. Campbekl think I’d have to be ON speed to do that! I love Speed Cleaning.

Sh-Mop Stain Removers Windows. Our parents assigned us to clean the house as a weekly chore, assuming that knowing how was in our genes. Also I’m a bit wierded out by the way he uses the same toothbrush in the kitchen and the bathroom, though I could work around that one. It is worth the read. I have perfected this system. Trivia About Speed Cleaning. Don’t knock yourself out cleaning them–you can buy new ones at the hardware store, I would have given the book 5 stars except that about half of it is inexplicably devoted to choosing and supervising a cleaning service.


If your partner gets done ten minutes faster, the team gets done ten minutes faster. For instance, it speec you will be campbfll of the bathroom in 15 minutes–it still took me over an hour.

In addition to writing, he has co-edited the Sherlock Holmes anthologies Curious Incidents 1 and 2 with his good friend Charles Prepolec. It doesn’t have to do with size,” he says, “but with how the house is speed cleaning jeff campbell in.

The main thing that I took away from the book is that everything should be on you to make it easier. Some readers object to this advertising aspect of the book, but it seems to me that the prices of the products are very competitive, plus the thoroughly vetted products allow you to skip a lot of random product shopping and trial and error. Live stream HGTV now. Repetition Makes for Smoother Moves Always put your tools back in the same spot in your apron. Follow it to the Tee and it can save you speed cleaning jeff campbell

Sep 26, Libby rated speed cleaning jeff campbell it was amazing Shelves: Like cleaning polyurethane-treated hardwood floors with Murphy’s Oil Soap–something I did for years. Dust, bacteria, germs can still build up on areas you don’t see.

I saw this version for a buck at the library used book store. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.