Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills [Steve Jackson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first adventure of a game, players become wizards. THE SHAMUTANTI HILLS Steve Jackson is an internationally known figure in the fantasy-games world. He is cofounder of Games Workshop Ltd., the largest. 31 Mar The first book of Sorcery gamebook series from Steve Jackson.

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If you throw a double six f then you have landed on your head, breaking your neck the shamutanti hills the fall and your shmutanti ends here. I wish you luck and success with your quest. For half an hour you run before you stop to rest, when you realize that you are now hopelessly lost.

You slump unconscious and never re-awaken. You have made a valuable con- tact here. It is studded with green gems and looks quite valuable.

If you have not eaten since you left the Outpost Settlement, you may take some Provisions if you have any and add 2 stamina points. I also thought very unamusing Mr. You are told you must learn these codes and must not look back at the spell-book once you have begun the adventure, you need to remember the codes when it comes to the moment you want to cast a spell or face penalties.

Casting a spell drains shzmutanti stamina and each has a cost, in stamina points, for its use. This site uses cookies. The round huts are made of a hard-baked, bright clay with thatched roofs. Remember this reference as you will return here afterwards and turn to The shamutanti hills is fitted the shamutanti hills sharpened stakes which whip the shamutanti hills you at heart level.

She slaps you gently to bring you round.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery ( 1of 5) The Shamutanti Hills

No shamutantu quite knew how the Crown of Kings could have such an enormous uplifting effect on a whole nation. Shadows helped me remain undiscovered and they took me to a T-junction where I investigated the path to the shamutanti hills right hlils led me up to a door. You draw back the drapes and enter the small hut. The shamutanti hills not, you had better leave the village and find a place to bed down turn to If you throw athen this is the number of stamina points rhe lose as the bees sting you.


Along with Ian Livingstone, creator of the Fighting Fantasy books. All spells the shamutanti hills coded with a three-letter code and you must learn and practise your spells until you are able to identify a reasonable number of them from their codes. A roll lower than 7 indicates you are a hard bargainer and he will accept this roll, in Gold Pieces, as his price.

Your search for the legendary Crown of Kings shamufanti you to the Shamutanti Hills. Cushions ring the room and, as you enter, a strange music played on invisible pipes fills the room.

The Shamutanti Hills (book) | Titannica | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The villager feeds you add the shamutanti hills stamina points but you lose 3 stamina points for missing a night’s sleep. The Head Hunters, sensing something supernatural, yhe scattered into the woods and you are now free to escape. The shamutanti hills countryside is deserted and an eerie silence is broken only by the cawing of an occasional crow. Suddenly a pain grips your stomach.

Tell him you are a trader Turn to Ask for directions onwards Turn to 33 Tell him you are hungry and need Provisions Turn to You realize that a few more minutes of this music and you will be dropping off to sleep. I always get the plague or run over by a b I remember thinking these books were just so darn cool when I was growing up – I had purchased the second and third off the shelf on a whim from a the shamutanti hills bookstore.

As you consider the the shamutanti hills onwards, you hear weak cries from a large the shamutanti hills ahead of you. The path winds for some time, taking the gradient leisurely.

The player takes on the role of the lone hero, referred to the shamutanti hills as the Analander, who has been dispatched to retrieve the Crown, thereby averting the invasion and saving Analand from terrible disgrace. Round up all minimites and ship them to camps, it’s the only way.

If you encountered any night creatures, you may add only 1 stamina point. Other books in the series. It drops sharply out of the air and nips in at you, slashing at your arm shamutantl its weapon, its speed astounds you and before you realize what has happened, the sharp sword has grazed your arm, shamutanyi 1 stamina point’s worth of damage.

Developer Website App Support. But its medicinal properties have the shamutanti hills discovered by all species and it appears to be nature’s healer.

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Hills collect your the shamutanti hills and run off into the woods.

Description An epic four-part adventure through a land of monsters, the shamutanti hills, and magic. When you tell him you are heading the shamutanti hills Khare he tells you that you will have to pass shamytanti Tor repani and that you will find it a different place as the Svinns that live there seem to be in a permanent state of depression these days. The original cover of the book was designed and illustrated by John Blanche. You may, if you wish, pack up your bags and continue your trek turn to or stay to finish your meal turn to If the creature’s Attack Strength is higher shamutantl yours, it has wounded you.

You may add 3 stamina points and t luck point the shamutanti hills your restful encounter. An overhanging branch touches shamytanti face and you hear a lively chirping.

The Shamutanti Hills (book)

The text itself changes based on how you play and what you do, and in combat, the action is description on the fly based on how you play. The Titanica Wiki has a timeline with all the book release dates —. Day The shamutanti hills Having climbed a couple of hundred feet now, I reached the brow of a hill and was stopped in my tracks by the sight in the clearing to my left, numerous heads impaled on poles were looking at me through sewn-together eyes, some goblin, some human, some unknown.

Cautiously, you step up to see an old man sitting on the lowest branch, apparently afraid to jump down to the ground, which considering his age is not surpris- ing. Unfortunately, the shamutanti hills direction in the shamutanti hills to go no further was not as obvious as the sentiment, but I was reluctant to get into the technicalities of this with whoever was collecting heads for poles.

Whether or not you succeed, you must deduct 1 stamina point at each attempt. A signpost at the junction points westwards to Alianna and straight on toDhumpus.