VDI Title (german) Berechnung der thermischen Lasten und Raumtemperaturen (Auslegung Kühllast und Jahressimulation). Product imageVDI. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Cooling load computation according to VDI | The article initially shows that the cooling load can also be determined for . Find the most up-to-date version of VDI at Engineering

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The method has been enhanced significantly with respect to the previous version, e. Vdi 2078 data is assigned to the respective room number directly in a dialogue. We use cookies on this website to improve your user experience.

Detailed and well laid out: Synchronisation with heating load and CAD extended Not only is it possible to input data directly into the program, but vdi 2078 geometries can also be transferred from CAD. Optionally, the external humidity can be set interactively to fixed daily values.

Variations can be calculated vdi 2078 and simply. In each project there are areas which vdi 2078 each other in terms of their heating or cooling loads.

vdi 2078 The regulation functions can be equipped with installation limit values. The short cooling load calculation procedure as per VDI is performed by an interactive program with which the user can compute the cooling load of a room or building for predefined boundary conditions. The report of the C. vdi 2078

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Order from Beuth Verlag. Vdi 2078 power output Regulating volume flow Regulating volume flow for a source-air system Incoming air temperature regulation Incoming air temperature regulation for a source-air system In addition to room air temperature, it is possible to base measurements on operative temperature i. The latter allows calculations serving to demonstrate compliance with summertime insulation requirements.


Cooling Load – C.A.T.S. Software

Abstract This standard serves to determine the cooling load, room air temperature and operative room vdi 2078 for rooms of all types with and without air-conditioning, taking vdi 2078 account all relevant vdu influencing the thermal response of the room. News Fairs Internships Prices. Shade is also taken into account for non-transparent external building components.

As regards power regulation, the regulated cooling and heating systems in a building component are inputted through the system’s convective vdi 2078. Particular reference must be made to the integration of air flows and building component cooling, such as cooling ceilings.

This means that parking spaces, water surfaces and aluminium facades located opposite, with deviating vdi 2078 values, can be taken into consideration. This means that projects can be calculated all over the world. The calculation core for this standard is described in VDI Part 1, the window model in VDI Part 2, vdi 2078 former missing cdi information. The following climatic data is currently incorporated: Ventilation Piping Vdi 2078 Electrical.

Vdi 2078 system can be switched off to demonstrate the temperatures that would occur without the regulating system, for instance to provide an alternative demonstration of summer heat protection. S calculation; these are generally available from the structural engineer or architect. By using vdi 2078 load profiles, the data input requirements are considerably reduced.

VDI in turns vdi 2078 that all surfaces in a room have a layer structure, to make it possible to deduce individual storage behaviours. This will lead to an increase in workload and procurement activities on the part of the planners. The user can easily toggle between individual diagrams vdi 2078 vd, without having to repeat the calculation.


Solar radiation can also be computed with a component inclination and albedo short-term reflection factor that deviates from the VDI guideline. In these zones, the vdi 2078 can group individual rooms independently of storeys; he can also perform zone calculations and observations.

The combined outside temperature is calculated taking into account vdi 2078 reflections in the terrestrial vicinity.

The following climatic data is currently incorporated:. Vdi 2078 stress from air flows can be given either statically with a fixed 22078 or with respect to the outside temperature.

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A draft version of VDI is expected for the middle of the yearwhich is expected to hive off the calculating process and refer it to VDI All reports can also be outputted as a PDF file. Sun protection Shade Vdi 2078 Lighting Machines Air flows Cooling of building components unregulated basic load cooling Controller characteristics vdi 2078 installation data Profiles can of course be saved globally and used in further projects.

It is only necessary to input the number of persons and their degree of activity.

The generated report has a consciously clear structure, as its aim is to help the user locate precisely the data he requires from the large vdi 2078 available. Cooling load factors are used for computing in-room storage effects resulting from internal and external radiation loads, while the storage effects in the outside walls and roofs are computed on the basis of equivalent temperature differences.

There are a number of regulation options vdi 2078 can be considered: