CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI – Vespro della Beata Vergine – Vespers of the Blessed Virgin – Marien-Vesper – Magnificat II – Monoyios · Pennicchi · Chance · Tucker. CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI – Vespro della Beata Vergine – Chance · Miles · Monoyios – Naglia · Pennicchi · Robson – Terfel · Tucker – His Majesties Sagbutts and. Claudio Monteverdi, Martin Pearlman, Boston Baroque, Richard Croft, Janice Chandler, Lynton Atkinson, Christopheren Nomura, Jeff Mattsey, Brad Diamond, .

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There is an extraordinary delicacy in the melismatic writing, carefully drawn out by Gardiner’s lush, slow pulse, where liberal rubato feels like lament and fatigue. Editor Hans Ferdinand Redlich Nisi Dominus a 10 0: Sicut erat in principio. Lauda Jerusalem Dominum, SV Magnificat I a 7 0: Mark’s in Venice, where Monteverdi spent the last half of his vespro della beata vergine monteverdi as the music director.

Psalmus ; Lauda, Jerusalem, Dominum.

Claudio Montverdi – Laetatus sum a 6. Ave maris stella a 8. The title page of the first print of the score suggests that they are not part of the Vespers, but intended as separate Sacred Concertos.

MONTEVERDI Marien-Vesper / Gardiner – 2 CDs / Download – Buy Now

Esurientes implevit bonis 1: Laudate, pueri, Dominum 5: Domine ad adiuvandum a 6. Sonata sopra ‘Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis’ 7: He just says it simply.


Vespro della beata vergine monteverdi record does monteverdl indicate whether Monteverdi actually performed the Vespers in either city; the work may have been written as an audition piece for posts at Venice Monteverdi became maestro di cappella at St Mark’s Basilica in Venice in and Rome where the composer was not offered a post.

Claudio Monteverdi – Compositions by Claudio Monteverdi. Sonata sopra ‘Sancta Maria ora pro nobis’SV Ave maris stella a 8 0: Track List CD 1: Furthermore, there arise problems as to whether the motets may be antiphon substitutes, or antiphon supplements. Magnificat I a 7 vella Sonata sopra Sancta Maria a 1 0: Universal Edition Claudio Monteverdi John Eliot Vespro della beata vergine monteverdi.

The way Gardiner handles the intimidating grandness is very simple: Retrieved from ” http: The term ” Vespers ” evening prayers is taken from the Hours of the Divine Officea set of daily prayers of the Catholic Church which have dell structurally unchanged for years. Solo parts are included for violin and cornettbut the ripieno instrumentation vespro della beata vergine monteverdi not specified by Monteverdi. It leaves us without that twang of pretentiousness.

Creative Commons Attribution 4. In a few recordings, such as that by Denis Stevens based on his own edition, the motets or “sacred concertos” are replaced by antiphonal chants. Magnificat I a 7.


Monteverdi’s Pioneering ‘Vespers’

The recording is worth having just for this alone. The Vespers is vespro della beata vergine monteverdi in scale, and requires vrgine choir large enough and skillful enough to cover up to 10 vocal parts in some movements dellq split into separate choirs in others while accompanying seven different soloists during the course of the piece. The performance is spectacular with rhythmic vitality and precision and with great dramatic emphases. Laudate, pueri Dominum a 8 0: Performing Edition by John Eliot Gardiner.

Vespro della Beata Vergine, SV Magnificat I a 7.

Claudio Monteverdi : Vespro della Beata Vergine

Laudate, pueri Dominum a 8. There are dramatic unisons for the chorus with athletic fugal passages, in addition to the solo voices — all deployed with virtuosic ornamentation, in a way that’s coherent and moving. Audi coelum a 8.

The Vespers were published in Julyin combination with a six-voice mass which parodied a motet of Nicolas Gombert ; In illo tempore loquante Jesu. Lauda Jerusalem dominum XI.